Composite quartz powder WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD

Lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD. As a comprehensive supplier specializing in global composite powder materials, over the years, according to the demand of the market, stealth research developed a new type of composite quartz powder, the products are not only excellent performance, and the complex silicon micro powder is a synthetic method, not only mohs hardness of soft material, and by good insulation and high efficiency of thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, is good for improving the traditional single natural silica quartz powder thermal effect is poor, mohs hardness big cause loss precision abrasive products such as easy damage limitation, etc.

Lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD. This type of soft compound system of quartz powder and a variety of resin has good compatibility, add the appropriate proportion does not produce the mist, transparent effect is good, is being tested in many domestic customers, the result is good

Lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology company, this kind of composite quartz powder can replace some foreign brands composite quartz powder G2 - C, G6 - C, the G20 - C series composite quartz powder (compound quartz powder), to break the monopoly of foreign brands, the localization of domestic new composite powder materials cause the Chinese dream one step further.